Meet the Team

Workio provides the fastest, most intelligent and reliable workplace measurement software available on the market. Below is the team that makes it happen.

Kieron Faller CEO

Kieron Faller
(BA, eMBA, Cantab)


Workio is Kieron's brainchild. Developed from his thesis on organisational behaviour, Kieron spotted that there are no reliable workplace measurement tools in the market and set about recruiting a team to build one. Kieron has worked as a solicitor, a HR Director, an MD and now CEO.

Allan Stewart CTO

Allan Stewart
(BSc, eMBA, Cantab)


Allan co-founded Workio with Kieron. Attracted to the idea that Workio can help companies and employees have greater levels of success and the abililty to make a difference. Allan has build much of the team and tech behind Workio and holds over 20 years experience in various leadership roles.

Sanna Balsari Palsule Advisor

Sanna Palsule
(Phd, MPhil, Cantab)

Behavioral Science

Sanna is a behavioural scientist who is passionate about sharing insights from psychological science and analytics to improve the quality of people's lives. Sanna advises the Workio board to ensure the solutions we build are both scientifically best practice and ethically sound.

Sarah Stimson NED

Sarah Stimson

Chair & NED

Sarah is Workio's acting Chair and a Non Executive Director of the Board. Sarah has deep experience in leadership and HR, and has held serveral CEO and MD roles.

Cliff Fluet Advisor

Cliff Fluet

Commercial Advisor

Cliff is a trusted advisor to the Workio board and provides strategic and commercial direction. Cliff is a Parter of the large legal firm Lewis Silkin and the MD at Eleven Advisory.

Mish Ushakov Lead Developer

Mish Ushakov

Lead Developer

We proudly work with Mikhail “Mish” Ushakov — a man, who dedicated his life to do something nobody did before and solve problems, that are truly important, but had yet to be resolved.

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