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Creating your company culture is hard.
Workio makes it easy by using data to help you hire, develop and retain the right people to achieve great things.


Workio is a web app that helps you map and understand your real company culture and values by asking employees about their preferences and experience of the workplace.

With this information...

  1. Workio creates beautiful, deeply insightful visualisations of your unique company culture.
  2. Workio helps you recruit employees who will fit with your unique culture and values.
  3. Workio helps you build happy, engaged, diverse and high-performing teams.
  4. Workio allows you build the culture you want, and provides a practical roadmap to get there fast.
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Incredible data, insights and intelligence on...

Find your fit.  Recruit for culture.
  • Real Science

    Based on decades of academic research and developed in collaboration with PhDs from the University of Cambridge. The science behind Workio is the real deal.

  • Culture, Environment & Diversity

    Workio captures, understands and analyses workers’ ideal workplace culture and environment compared to their real experience in organisations. We map differences in organisations on gender, ethnic background, and other factors.

  • Results for Workers and Organisations

    Our data model aggregates and analyses everything workers tell us about an organisation’s culture and environment. We use this to make great matches with candidates so they will love coming to work!

Workio - Make Work Better

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