Measure what matters at work.

Workio is the only workplace measurement tool to give you a consistent view of your employees priorities vs experience, a genius reporting system and a roadmap to improve over time.

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Why Workio?

Measure employee preference vs experience. See issues before they become a problem. Boost employee retention, engagement and productivity.


Workio is an all-in-one online platform which gives you everything you need to measure and improve employee experience at work. The platform is fast, easy to use, and cost effective. It also has has some really clever features:

Simple Survey

Employee preferences vs experience

  • Faster

    Takes only 8 minutes for employees to complete, while other tools take more than 30 minutes.

  • Smarter

    Our approach features PhD and MBA level research from The University of Cambridge.

  • More Secure

    We are partnered with Google Cloud, are ISO 27001 compliant, and we never share identifiable data on employees or organisations with others.

Employee Engagement Survey

Advanced Segmentation

Identify issues before they become problems

  • Benchmark

    See differences between genders, ages, ethnic backgrounds, seniority, teams / departments, location, and length of service.

  • Improve Retention, Engagement and Performance

    By identifying issues in different groups, you can take targeted action to help. This leads to better retention, engagement and overall business performance.

Advanced Segmentation

Recommendation Engine

Help for you to turn insight into action to make work better for your team

  • Roadmap

    We provide a prioritised list of tasks that you can action to address the specific issues you are facing.

  • Behaviour Science

    Our approach uses proven behavioural science designed by PhD experts to analyse your results and provide you with specific advice.

  • Machine Learning

    Providing speed and precision of analysis for larger organisations with more complex results to give you even deeper insights.

Recommendation Engine

Workio Explained in 30 seconds:

Works on the following platforms:



Free Always

Plus a 7 day free trial of premium so you can evaluate if its right for you.

  • Access to Workio measurement tools

  • Understand your fit vs your company culture

  • Learning and development for your career

  • 7 day free trial of Premium included, upgrade anytime

From £1 user/month

Ideal for Founders, C-Level, HR Directors, Team Leaders and Managers

  • View team and company wide results

  • Advanced segmentation and breakdown analysis

  • Customised roadmap to find and fix specific issues.

  • Drive retention, diversity, engagement and productivity

COVID19 Discounts to support your business

To support companies through the crisis we are providing the 3 levels of discount, so every company can aford to benefit from Workio, and stay in touch with their teams. Simply copy, paste and apply the discount code that works for you below.

COVID50 - 50% Discount for 12 months
COVID75 - 75% Discount for 12 months
COVID90 - 90% Discount for 12 months

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