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Workio has 6 key products to help you map, build and develop your company culture. Mirror and Fit are live, the rest are coming soon.
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  • Workio Mirror

    Workio Mirror

    • See your company culture clearly
    • Uses Workio’s proprietary scientific data model
    • Baseline data to use with our Fit, Diversity & Roadmap products
  • Workio Fit

    Workio Mirror

    • Recruit for fit or change your culture
    • Deep insight on candidate working style and drivers
    • Use data to map work style and likely impact on culture
  • Workio Diversity

    Workio Diversity

    • See how different groups experience your culture
    • Analyse by gender, ethnic background, and age
    • Address cultural challenges and opportunities with these groups
  • Workio Team

    Workio Diversity

    • Create cross-functional teams for specific projects
    • Choose your ideal team culture,
      Workio helps you create it
    • Measure the team cultures that you create, and track outcomes
  • Workio Roadmap

    Workio Roadmap

    • Move from the culture you have to the culture you want
    • Clear, easy-to-follow action plan to get you there
    • Track & drive your progress towards your destination
  • Workio M&A

    Workio M&A

    • Due diligence for more successful M&A transactions
    • Measure the cultures of the two companies involved
    • Uncover key culture concerns to be managed post-transaction
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