Workio and enei partnership

March 12, 2020
Workio and enei partnership

Company culture startup and UK employers’ network pilot culture measurement tool

Organisations can now measure in detail how they are performing on equality, diversity, and inclusion in their culture.

The Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei) have launched a pilot project in collaboration with Workio, a startup which measures and advises on organisational culture, to help organisations measure, understand, and improve their performance on equality, diversity, and inclusion metrics.

Organisations including the London Fire Brigade are taking part in the pilot which started in February 2020, and which is drawing additional significant interest from enei members in both the public and private sectors.

enei and Workio have created the Inclusive Culture Measure (ICM) - an anonymous, quantitative, and holistic approach which gathers data from employees about their experiences, their preferences, and their priorities in the workplace.

Workio aggregates and analyses the data from employees, and works with enei and their member organisations to turn insight into action to improve the inclusivity of their culture.

Denise Keating, CEO of enei, says: “We’ve been collaborating closely with Workio on the Inclusive Culture Measure, and we’re excited to roll it out in this pilot to selected enei members. We’ll be gathering feedback to inform future development, and we plan to launch the tool to all enei members soon.”

Abby Crawford, Equality Manager at London Fire Brigade, says “At London Fire Brigade we recognise the need to make improvements in our diversity and inclusiveness, and we’re excited to work with enei and Workio on this pilot. We’re keen to provide feedback and ensure the Inclusive Culture Measure enables organisations to take positive steps for everyone’s benefit.”

Kieron Faller, CEO of Workio, says “Our collaboration with enei has game-changing potential, moving equality and inclusion from being indefinable to being able to be clearly measured and understood. With insight and support, we can help organisations make work better for employees, to the benefit of individuals and their employers.”

The Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion is the UK’s leading employer network covering all aspects of equality and inclusion issues in the workplace. enei offers practical advice and support through training and consultancy to their members on a wide range of topics including unconscious bias, bullying and harassment at work, and disability.

Workio is a startup which helps organisations measure, understand, and improve their organisational culture. They use a unique methodology created in by MBAs and PhDs from the University of Cambridge. The Workio model is anonymous, quantitative, and standardised. Workio was co-founded by Kieron Faller and Allan Stewart, and works with customers in technology, retail, professional services, media, design, and communications sectors.

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