Workio Values

Be open, honest and authentic

Always be open, honest and authentic. No-one will be made to feel unwelcome in expressing themselves. Lack of openness, honesty and authenticity holds us back as a team.

Dream big, but have goals

Dream big, but have focused goals. We must take steps every day to move us forwards. Sometimes these steps will be big and sometimes small, but we can and must make progress every day.

Think beyond

We think about how our actions will impact all stakeholders (users, clients, Workio team members, shareholders, and broader society), across the short, medium and long term. We think through first-, second- and third-order impacts of our actions so that our decisions have true conviction.

Go deep, not wide

Be focused on what you as an individual are trying to achieve. Your focus means you are part of something bigger. Your focus helps the whole team make progress and grow stronger together.

Use the scientific method

Create a hypothesis, design an experiment, test it, run it, assess the results, rinse, repeat. Live this mantra and be relentless with it. If we do this, we keep learning, we keep growing, we keep getting better.

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