For Organisations

Recruit for fit with your organisation

As part of your recruitment process, compare candidates' preferences for workplace culture and environment with the real culture in your organisation. Hire those who will love working in your organisation, reduce attrition, and increase effectiveness by increasing worker engagement.

Understand your workforce

Get standardised, quantitative, sophisticated information on how your workforce experiences their working environment and culture. See how closely their day-to-day experience matches their preferences, and map changes over time.

Improve retention to increase diversity

By gathering demographic information from workers inside your organisation, Workio flags up different experiences for different groups such as those of different genders or ethnic backgrounds, enabling any concerns to be investigated further. This helps to address poor retention of under-represented groups.

Drive performance

Decades of academic research proves that recruiting for fit will lead to better outcomes for both the worker and the organisation. Recruiting also to ensure diversity and inclusions is also shown to drive performance. Workio will allow you to map your, company culture and at the same time ensure fit and diversity.

Hiring for culture fit is difficult. Make it easy.

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