Workio Slackbot (WIP)

January 10, 2020
Workio Slackbot (WIP)

We're really excited to share some work in progress with you - we've made some big steps forward in building the Workio process into a Slack app, so you or your colleagues can answer the Workio questions either in our app or in Slack itself.

The super cool thing from a technical point of view is that answers in either place update live across all applications. We think this is very nice indeed, and if you're a geek like us you might think so too.

Our co-founder and CTO, Allan Stewart, has put together this little video to show you where we're at with this particular development. Exciting times!

Keep an eye out for future updates on our progress here, and to see other behind the scenes stuff from us. In the meantime, enjoy the video!

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