Accelerating into 2019

December 31, 2018
Accelerating into 2019

So our last blog post was a very broad look back at 2018, and it's time to look ahead with focus and gusto to 2019. We've been busy setting up a big start to the year in our mission to unlock the power of company culture.

Without further ado, here are the details:

  • Workio's big launch event Featuring Julie Streets MC: Happening on 23rd January - You can register here - we'd love to see you there. We'll be joined by the brilliant comedian Julia Streets as our MC for the evening, along with a high level panel, drinks, and fun interesting people to meet.
  • Open Release of our App: At the event, we'll be sharing our big progress on bringing you the first full version of the Workio app. It includes client login, our own chatbot to collect data which can be deployed in Slack and elsewhere, automated back-end data analysis, and user dashboards to help understand Workio's insights. This will be a big upgrade from our current product approach! You can find out more on the 23rd Jan.
  • Workio join prestigious Accelerator Academy: Just two days before our launch event, we will have started as a member of the 22nd semester of Accelerator Academy in London. Their accelerator has been running for 12 years, and the three-month programme ends with a demo day on 3rd April 2019. We'll be blogging about our progress, and we're excited to get started.
  • We are expanding our consulting practice and white labelling our toolset for other consultants to use: We've found a sweet spot for Workio is in consulting - both working with consultants to help them add company culture data and insight to their change management, strategy and M&A advice, and also doubling-down on our own company culture consulting services using our proprietary data model and tools set. We believe this will help us achieve product-market fit a lot faster and build a community of changemakers who care and are empowered to make positive changes around them using the power of data.

We're hugely looking forward to 2019 and all the promise it holds for Workio. We've made so much progress since April 2018, and it feels like we're moving into a new phase of growth in what we do, how we do it, and who we do it with.

However, our underlying mission remains the same, and we'd love to meet as many of you as possible on 23rd January to tell/show you more about how we're going to make work better by unlocking the power of company culture in 2019.

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